About Us

My name is Robbyn Fraser if you didn’t catch that from the logo! I’ve been a successful freelance graphic designer and crafter for over twenty years. After gaining experience in advertising and printing facilities, I found what I really want to do is make people happy plus having a little one made me want to stay at home more. So, I combined my graphic design and crafting skills to provide unique celebration solutions and balloon arrangements that brings smiles and laughter.

My philosophy is every gift should be unique and custom, with a diploma in graphic design and multiple types of life experiences I have been able to do this. At Balloon Stylings and Fraser Design & Media, we take a customers concept and bring the idea to life whether it be through vinyl, latex, signage or digitally. I help clarify and bring focus to goals and objectives, and capture the brand or idea essence in authentic and lasting ways. We meet marketing, event arrangements and celebration goals with creative solutions that meet objectives and add value. Here at Balloon Stylings we want your celebration to be a success and will ensure everything possible – except change the weather – to ensure it is!

What We Do

We transform celebrations into magical, unforgettable memories. Between Fraser Design & Media and Balloon Stylings we bring over 20 years of experience and creativity to our designs. We offer services from graphic design to custom balloon arrangements and celebration displays in Thunder Bay. We transform ordinary areas to magical masterpieces for any event – showers, anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms or corporate functions and more. We have a gift or display solution for all occasions!

Every design begins with a concept.

A touch of artistry is always the essential ingredient to infuse style and atmosphere into your party or event. Set the mood on entry and bring ambience to your festive space, making the most unforgettable moments with our creative balloon art.

We strive to create unique item designs that represent each recipient’s individuality. Items are personalized from what materials to be used, to colors, to design placing, up to every single detail to make each arrangement one of a kind.

Celebrate Anything, Anywhere, Effortlessly.