Balloon Care

Will my balloons pop?
Balloons displays are created 24 hours in advance to ensure quality. They can still break if mishandled thus we are not responsible of recreating them for free once picked up or delivered.
Where should I display my balloons?
Keep your balloons in a stable environment. If they get too hot/cold they can expand and burst. In direct sunlight or left in the cold this will decrease the life of your balloon. Avoid locations beside heating vents and fire places.
Can I leave the balloon in my car?
No. Do not leave your balloons in a hot/cold car causing your balloons to deflate or pop. It’s recommended in the winter that you preheat your vehicle. Foils will decrease in the cold but re-inflate when warm. Balloons will pop with drastic temperature changes.
Can I purchase a memorial release balloon?
No. We try our best to respect the environment. By releasing the balloon you would cause possible damage to the environment. We will not sell a helium balloon for this purpose. All our balloons come attached to a weight to ensure this does not happen.
Are balloons terrible for the environment?
We use premium latex balloons that are not plastic, they are a plant-based product made from natural rubber and a renewable resource. We strive to use paper or environmentally friendly products when we can.
My pop me balloon popped before the event!
If your stuffing balloon does pop or become damaged after pickup and before the intended Popping Celebration it can be remade for a Fee of $15 if ALL of the items are returned AND we are available to remake it.